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Virtual Reality? Real solutions.

PIOP’s Siversmithig Museum in Ioannina

PIOP’s Siversmithig Museum in Ioannina (Greece) is hosting the Augmented Reality features developed within the PLUGGY_EU project. In Silversmithing Museum the visitors can find an interesting temporary exhibition where he can experiment the Augmented reality applied to some old weapons. If you are around, we suggest you visit this amazing museum from 18th to 27th…
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Children’s Book Fair Bologna

Xteam VR Studio will be showcased at the most important fair for children’s book, in Bologna. Our applications will be demonstrated, with a particular focus on how they can be integrated with future scenarios for the publishing industry. For more information, you can contact us!

Nordic Game Conference

XTeam VR Studio will be presented at the most important Scandinavian event for videogame developers and lovers. The Nordic Game Conference will take place in Malmö, in May (23-25). More information here: